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Aug 3, 2021 Release Notes

This new version of PeerWell introduces a new user experience that helps keep the user's focus on completing daily activities.  This includes a new design meant to improve the user’s overall experience when interacting with content on a daily basis.  The design incorporates material design principles to make the experience feel more like interacting with real-life objects than pages on a screen. 

Previously, PeerWell required new users to first be invited by a physician, care coordinator, or their employer.  With this release, it is possible for individuals to self-register for PeerWell.  Upon registration, these individuals have access to introductory materials about PeerWell and example content.  

This release also includes the following bug fixes:


  • Issues with surgery date not being set properly at registration
  • Intermittent issue with password resets


  • Issues with authorizing Google Fit 
  • Issue with graph layout on charts/How am I doing screens

For WC & Employers

PeerWell reviews each person who self registers for the app.  If they self-register instead of accepting their invite from a care coordinator, PeerWell will move the person to the appropriate program.

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