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How to explain PeerWell Surgery Programs

Not sure what to say? Try this:

(Name) we have you scheduled for (surgery) on (date) with (doctor). You should know that there are a lot of factors within your control that go into your surgery and recovery experience. Things like your diet, physical condition, attitude, and even medical knowledge can help reduce your risk of complications and get you back on your feet more quickly, or make things more challenging. We partner with a company called PeerWell to help you get a handle on all things that are within your control for this upcoming procedure and recovery. I’m going to send you a text and email with a link to download the app which will be like your personal guide. You’ll get a few short assignments each day from now until you are recovered. I’d encourage you to sign up and start using it as soon as possible. There is no cost to you. What is the best number to send the text invite? Best email? Great, they’ll also be asking you some questions and taking some measurements for your medical team through the app, and I’ll be keeping an eye out to make sure it looks like everything is on track for you, so do your best to log in every day the next 90 days or so. If you run into any trouble getting signed up just let me know. 

The patient will also see this explainer video in the app store:

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