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How do I delete a patient?

Once you generate an invite the patient shows up on your lists. However, if they do not register there will be no charge, and after 2 weeks they will fall off of your view to the Archive tab. The patient can only register once with the claim number associated, so there is no need to remove duplicate invites. 

Once the patient has signed up to remove them from your active view there are 4 options:

1. Mark their surgery as canceled, and they will fall to the archive tab

2. 'Release Peer' by marking them 'Return to Work' at full duty, and they will fall to the archive tab

3. Wait until 90 days after their surgery date, and they will fall to the archive tab

4. If you have 'Owner' permissions in our system, change the 'Owner' for this patient to someone else 

If it is critical that an unregistered person is removed from the system, or that we merge duplicate invites, please contact support with your request using the 'contact' link above, and include the reason. 

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