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Payer or Employer

During the patient invite, you will see two drop-down menus to select which company to associate the patient with. 


If you work for an MCO or provider group this will be the TPA or Insurance company who is covering the cost of the claim. If this does not apply to you, this field is optional.


If you selected a Payer above, this will be the company that pays for the TPA or insurance service, where the injured worker is employed. OR if you did not select a Payer above, this will be your client who is responsible for this patient. This field is mandatory. 



These fields are used for PeerWell to provide aggregate monthly reporting for each Partner with 5 or more patients. When only one field is filled (eg Employer) this reporting will include everyone for that designation as in TPA 2 example above. When both fields are filled in aggregate reporting will be available at the Payer level, and sub-reporting will also be available at the employer level for that payer whenever there are 5 or more active patients attributed to that Payer/Employer combination. In the example above TPA1 would be able to provide custom reports from their partner to each of their Fast Food Company, Fire Department, and Manufacturing Company clients. 

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