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White-listing Requirements

White Listing Requirements

Welcome to PeerWell! In order to administer the PeerWell program, your organization will need to access these web domains and receive messages from the following services. Please ensure that these are not blocked for your team in order to provide PeerWell’s Surgery Optimization programs to your injured workers.

PeerWell apps and websites :

Email services :

Mailchimp is used to distribute Case Manager credentials at launch, monthly newsletters, and system maintenance messages. 

  1. (Mailchimp)
  2. (Mailchimp)
  3. (Mailchimp)

Mail Chimp may also add their own email addresses when sending our emails out and can include one or all of the following email address ending: mcsv.net, mcdlv.net, mailchimpapp.net, or rsgsv.net.

Patient notifications, password resets, and other automated system notifications originate from

  1. @peerwell.co 
  2. Smtp.mailgun.com


We require secure file transfer for account set-up, and monthly reporting. We can supply passworded files via the following, or may be able to use your equivalent service upon request eg. SFTP.

  1. Google Drive
  2. Box.com

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