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When is the best time for patients to start using PeerWell?

PeerWell’s PreHab program is designed to empower patients to lower their surgery risk and influence their outcomes. This program includes everything a patient should be doing to recover faster and will provide fresh daily content for up to 90 days prior to surgery, but may be used longer as needed. However, even a few days of use during PreHab can have a powerful benefit to health literacy, and preparing the patient's environment for a safer recovery at home. PeerWell’s recovery program (ReHab) guides the first 90 days of recovery and may be used as a stand-alone solution regardless of PreHab participation. There is just one fee per PeerWell download, so the greatest value is using both PreHab and ReHab. 

We do not recommend beginning the ReHab program more than 30 days after surgery, because it will begin with post-surgical content that may not be appropriate to the patient's stage. 

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